Name: Steve Johnson
Owner of Uncommon Ground Traditional Stonemasonry

Location: Perth Ontario

After seeing some significant changes with my bride as a result of coaching with Dr.Tom Preston I decided it may serve me well to join his coaching program. He has been working with me for a year now and I can say, without hesitation, there have been some remarkable changes in my life. This is the first summer in 20 years I have allowed myself to take a one week vacation with my family during my peak season. (stonemason)

I am starting to feel like a human being instead of a human doing—- changing my work structure from self-employment to business ownership so I have more time to focus on my family, my health and bringing more value to the world. Coach Tom’s regimen is a well-rounded approach to getting you to really figure out what’s most important to you and helping to maximize those core values. But it’s not easy. Be ready to get busy on it and to be held accountable. It’s not easy but it is definitely worth the results.

I highly recommend Dr. Tom — he’s an authentic guy with a sincere desire and proven program to help others maximize life in their ideal.