Name: Dr. Terry Van Bakel

Location: Bancroft, Ont.

I was cleaning up some piles of paper…and came across my Dream Practice homework from a couple years ago…

Amazingly, I am living it right now!!! 99% of what I had on that list I have right now, in fact I even have more in some areas (ie 3 rooms, 3 tables instead of 2).

Honestly, 2 or so years ago, when I wrote that, I didn’t really think I would have it!
I am almost ashamed to say that, but I truly wrote that as a DREAM, not something I saw as a possible reality!! We have come a long way baby!!!

So, thanks… times a bazillion!!

I have alot for the gratitude journal tonight. I guess this is also a time to dream bigger… I am going to look for the dream practice 1, 2, 3 stuff we did where I totally just picked random numbers that I felt were totally whacked, and see what they were!!

Excited for the future!!