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Have you ever felt like a “one-man-band”, even with a team?

Healthcare staffing isn’t an easy matter. Healthcare hiring gone wrong will often leave you with B-grade talent, and substandard quality of output from staff, which might get you rethinking if you’re running your practice or business right. Today I talk about recruiting vs hiring, and why the difference matters.

Recruiting means getting clear about what kind of healthcare staff you want, and making sure that you get them into your team. On the other hand, hiring is actually settling on what you get or are presented with. Unfortunately, when you hire for the sake of healthcare hiring, you’ll soon find that they don’t seem to care about the business as much as you.

They won’t follow through all the time, so you hear yourself say, “Why bother? I might as well do it myself.” When I was in that position, I used to say that to myself all the time. The kind of healthcare staffing I used to have left me feeling alone in my business despite having a team around me. I was stuck in a rut, and the business wasn’t growing!

Then I learned the most important thing I’ve ever learned on the Human Resources side of business: RECRUIT – NEVER HIRE!

If you’ve been put in similar difficult situations as I have in terms of healthcare hiring, you’ll have to reconsider your choices when it comes to recruiting vs hiring. So keep watching to see how you can do healthcare staffing better, and recruit the right talent for your healthcare business.