Have you ever tried to set your intentions and make them known to the universe?
Today I want to talk about the power of visualization.

About three weeks ago, my daughter was really distraught because she didn’t get splashed with water in the soak zone at Sea World. I’m happy to report that after selecting our seats more carefully yesterday, she finally got what she wanted. We got soaked!

Another amazing thing is that a week ago, she had wanted so much to be student of the week at her school, and it happened, she came home with the title.

Why am I telling you this?

Because when you continually think about things that you want to manifest, they come true. For my daughter, I played the role of the universe, listening to the things she wants and making sure she gets them. The universe does the same for you. I encourage you to realize the power of visualization in achieving your goals.

Choose carefully what you want to attract in your life. When you do that, the universe listens.

Remember, words matter. Set your intentions. Make them known to the universe.

The universe is conspiring to help you manifest your desires.

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