Learning how to delegate is an essential part of effectively managing a team. In this video, I explain the importance of delegating, and why so many leaders struggle to do so.

Every human being wants to make a difference with their lives. Everybody has a mission that seeks to be expressed. Delegation matters because it will ultimately help you fulfill your mission and make a difference.

As a byproduct of making a difference, you’re also creating scale and leverage. You see, there are only so many hours in each day. By having other people do things with and for you, you get to spend more time making an impact.

The first step in learning how to delegate, is to recruit the right people to the right positions. Recruiting is different from hiring. When managing a team, you want to know all about who people are so that you ensure you’re getting a good match for your organization.

The second step is to introduce each new team member to the mission and values of the organization. Define their position with an outcomes assessment. What do they need to achieve to be great at their job?

Additionally, it’s important to avoid certain common leadership errors. The first is the inability to ask for help. Second, is actually letting people help when they offer it. And third, is not holding your team accountable. Course correction is a valuable tool that benefits everyone. Don’t be afraid to offer constructive criticism.

Once you learn how to delegate, you’ll find that you have more time to commit to the things that matter most. By successfully managing a team, you’ll be able to better express your authentic mission.