In part two of our Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine series, we talk to Dodie Elkins about the the idea of relationship investment and the different roles the masculine and feminine energy takes on. Sometimes, these roles get reversed and it can either strengthen the relationship or create cracks in it.

When we look at our four different pillars of vision, focus, systems, and teams, we can see that the roles of masculine and feminine energy come from our focus pillar. Within our focus pillar, we might have blocks that hinder our ability to see issues from a different perspective.

From Dodie’s side, she explains feminine energy beautifully when she says that it’s an energy that lives in the present conscious. It’s nurturing, supportive, and creative.

About seven years ago, Dodie’s husband was in involved an accident that led to a shift in their roles. Dodie became the working breadwinner, she provided for the family financially and she was the one worrying about money. Dodie’s husband was the one doing the laundry, cleaning the house, and cooking dinner.

Initially, this shift created tension between them because neither was ready to adjust to such shifting roles. However, through discussion and communication, and reiterating the relationship investment they were both committed to, they were able to see it as an advantage and something that could help them understand the different ways that they masculine and feminine energies function.

I can say that from my side, the masculine energy’s focus pillar is interested in having a state of freedom. A lot of the behavior we display is around achieving this freedom – either literally or figuratively. There’s also this inherent long-term vision and goal-setting function where we’re constantly moving priorities around and trying to assert our ambition and drive to achieve financial freedom.

All of this leads to more risk-taking, adventure, and competition. The masculine energy has a need to prove that it’s strong enough and to get to the point of problem-solving. Understanding the different ways these energies function can ultimately help clear a better communication path for partners. Masculine energy works in binary codes of 101010 – it’s literal, it’s to the point.

Feminine energy works with emotions and has this depth to it. It’s important to remember that masculine energy needs structure and direction, while feminine energy lives in the present and can adapt more to a situation. Working on the different ways these two energies function could help you to understand your partner better.

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