Name: Dr. Vanessa Reynolds

Location: Ottawa, ON

After a year of coaching in more of a “group setting” I was looking for something different. I met Dr. Tom and absolutely loved the idea of one-on-one coaching. When I began (coaching) I would say I was unhappy in practice, and quite lost. I lacked certainty, organization and direction. Within the first few months I realized that my passion was in working with children; and by six months I was booking talks at local parenting centres, my practice was thriving, and I was seeing many children and families.

On a more personal level, I recall feeling love and acceptance from my coach. This allowed me to “open up” and share things I may not have shared otherwise. Dr. Tom knows me so well, and I believe this is why he is an amazing coach. Coaching with him allowed me to share a personal connection so I could grow exponentially.

I learned how to organize my life in a way that made sense. It made sense because it was determined by my core values, not ones imposed by someone else. Coaching with Dr. Tom allowed me to learn my values, and create my life around them. It’s an experience I carry with me now, 7 years later.

Much love and thanks to you Dr. Tom for all your help and guidance over the years.