The Vitruvian Experience™ Group Coaching

Leverage The Ancient Philosophy That Allows
Practice Owners To 2X Revenue Without Changing Or Adding Anything New.

Learn How To Scale Your Practice While Taking An Extra Day Off Per Week Without Adding New Products / Services Or Spending $1 On Advertising…


Keep reading and we’ll show you exactly what we mean…

Let Me Guess…

Your Revenue Is About The Same Every Single Month

You ever wonder why no matter how many new patients you attract, your collections float around the same number at the end of every month?

No matter what you do, there’s no increase in how much you have leftover at the end of the day.

  • No more money for yourself.
  • No extra money for staff bonuses.
  • No progress on your student loans and other debts.
  • No money for vacations.
  • No time for yourself outside the practice.
  • Not enough time with your family.

It’s like your well is overflowing, yet it’s still not enough…

These Are Symptoms Of “Practice Plateau Syndrome”

If you’re hitting the same patient volume and revenue, month after month, you have what’s called “Practice Plateau Syndrome”.

Does it feel like you have a glass ceiling limiting your ability to earn more, have more, be more?

I’ll bet you’re not the type of person to dream of BIG patient numbers just for the sake of your ego or self-worth.

I’ll bet you just want more patients, and more revenue, so you can justify taking more time off for yourself and your family… maybe even planning a vacation after how many years. 

If so, you’re in the right place.

Because the worst part is…

It’s inevitable.

This practice plateau is a byproduct of operating from your subconscious business blueprint, which affects all practice owners, IC’s and freelancers.

This is causing your patients and profits to slip through the cracks so you can maintain this “Plateau Profit” you’ve subconsciously decided you’re worthy and capable of.

Here’s proof…

Even if I were to “flip a switch” and give you 50 new patients this month, do you firmly believe you have the foundation to maintain and keep this volume within a month or two?

I can almost guarantee you’ll be right back to where you are today in a matter of months, just like the majority of lottery winners are within months of winning big.


MORE Is The Enemy Of a “Successful Practice”

This may seem like counterintuitive advice to growing a practice, but focusing on more isn’t always going to create “success” for you.

If you scroll your Instagram and Facebook pages, you’ll see advertisements for business coaches and practice marketers who want to add new things to your practice to help you increase revenue and become “successful”… the kicker is, what they’re telling you oftentimes is what that means to them and their business, not necessarily yours.

They will tell you that you have to add:

  • Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and chatbots
  • Products like orthotics and pillows
  • Supplements like CBD and other “natural cures”
  • Systems and scripts that lobotomize your practice

But here’s what that’s going to do…

  • Marketing and advertising is just going to increase expenses with no guarantee the increase in patients will come (or will stick around long enough to offset the cost)…
  • More patients will increase the time you spend running around, taking you further away from the lifestyle and schedule you dream of…
  • Adding in systems and management protocols are just going to “lock-in” the bad habits and poor performance keeping you stuck where you currently are…

More Patients ≠ Better Life

More patients are more work.
More patients mean more time away from home.
More patients require more paperwork, phone calls, and admin.

HOWEVER, “they” have to sell you on the belief that “success” means a certain number of patients, and that you have to use their system in order to hit these big numbers.

I tried it.

More and more patients just brought me more and more back pain (ironically), and less time with my family. 

The only patient number we want for you is the one that affords your ideal lifestyle.
… and I guarantee, it’s less than you think.

We don’t believe in adding more to your plate because we know… 

Your plate is already full!

Your bandwidth has hit its maximum. 

You’re not attracting any more patients than you’re currently serving because you have no mental and/or physical space ready for them.

You’re not emotionally and mentally available at home because your mind is full of other things going on.

You’re not getting to do the things you used to love doing or making time for yourself because your schedule is full with running a business, a family, and providing a great service.

To Put It Bluntly – You’re Simply in Your Own Way…

You want more revenue,

Which requires more patients,

Which requires more of your time to serve them,

Which you already don’t have enough of.

You’re trying to add more to a full cup and wondering why it’s overflowing, leaving you with the same amount at the end of every month.

What you need is a solution for HAVING more without DOING more

You know something needs to give because you can’t afford to continue operating like this…  

but you also can’t afford to stop.

The only way to break the Practice Plateau so you organically 2x your practice revenue while working 8 hours less per week is to change the Subconscious Business Blueprint you operate from.

Stop trying to create a successful practice…

Start Becoming a Successful Practice Owner


The Vitruvian Code

“Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man”

– Aristotle

Your physical reality, the money you make, the debts you hang onto, and the patients you (do and do not) attract, are all a reflection of your subconscious blueprint that was created before you could even think reflectively for yourself.

… and you’ve spent the rest of your lifetime validating these ideologies, falsehoods, and self-sabotaging beliefs.

You see, the Vitruvian Man was Leonardo DaVinci’s proven thesis that (hu)man is perfectly aligned as is… 

The drawing symbolizes the divine symmetry of the human body and, by extension, of the universe as a whole.

That we have the ability to fit inside the square and the circle equally.

That what is above, so is below.

That we create the space we live in.

Therefore, once we are able to remove the barriers blocking your creation…

We can create emptiness or a VOID, that can be filled with new patients, revenue and time freedom.

This is how we turn dreams → plans → reality.

This “void” is responsible for turning your current “glass ceiling” into your new floor. 

Just like it did for Dr. Charles.

When Charles broke through his Practice Plateau, he turned his glass ceiling of ~50 to ~70 patients into his new floor. 

In only two short months, his maximum of 70 patients became his new minimum, attracting 120 monthly patients while having MORE time for fishing with his wife.

“In the first 2 months of coaching with Full Circle, they’ve figured out the little things I needed to do to increase my patient retention.

I’ve basically doubled my daily volume of patients without any marketing or fee reductions. It was all me… the only thing that changed was me.

It’s been amazing.”

We believe you are an energetic expression that came into this world perfectly deserving, uninhibited and enough.

It wasn’t until human intervention screwed things up and put you in a box of limiting beliefs that have shaped the subconscious blueprint that you inherently operate from. The one that has caused your glass ceiling, or your “practice plateau”.

Remove The Resistance, Create Flow 

Just as it’s always intended to be…

When the resistance and roadblocks are removed, we “create the void” required to make space for more patients, revenue, and time for yourself.

Once your container has more room, and it begins to fill up with more profits, then we can start increasing your time away from the practice so you can get back to doing what you love again…

Step 1: Define & Design

You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you want.

This is where we turn dreams into plans so you’re left with knowing exactly what you need to do, day in and day out to create the practice that funds your dreams.

What you’re doing here is determining what you want to show up in your life and practice when the void is created in step 2. This way you attract more of what you do want and less of what you don’t.

Now we just need to make space for magic…

Step 2: Remove the Resistance

Once we have a path, the obstacles in the way begin to appear.

This now allows us to remove the habits, beliefs, and patterns that self-sabotage your growth.

This phase is where we’re really going to “create the void” so you create space for new patients to show up without your cup running over and your revenue actually continues to grow.

As Dr. Andrew put it,
“…the phone is ringing and new patients are showing up out of thin air”.

Now that we have a strong foundation in place, we can start to streamline processes so you can get more done in less time.

Step 3: Streamline & Systematize

Now we can implement practice systems that will allow you to create predictable growth without working any harder.

We’re not going to tell you to inject our scripts and systems so you can achieve our definition of success… we know that doesn’t work.

Our systems and frameworks are designed to be authentic to you, your goals, your practice style, and your personality so you can achieve YOUR definition of success without sounding robotic and slimy.

The goal here is to begin freeing up your time without losing your impact and connection with patients.

Step 4: Increase Efficiency

By now we have helped to turn the practice around and we are seeing predictable and consistent growth. 

Now it’s about focusing on getting maximum results out of your team. 

A task isn’t done well unless it’s delegated to one person, with that person being naturally good in their role. 

So this phase is about getting the right people on the right seats of the bus so you can operate smooth and seamless while increasing the connection you have with your staff. 

This will reduce your turnover rate so you don’t have to rehire and retrain, increasing the safety and trust among your team and patients.

Your revenue will go from stuck to soaring.

You practice will go from doc-run to team-run.

Your schedule will go from busy to balanced.

You’ll go from anarchy to alchemist. 

Whether You’re a Part-Time Practicing Doc:

“When I started with Full Circle, I was still a teacher and running my practice part-time. 

I could barely pay all of my bills and I would struggle to ever take time off.

I doubled, and yes I said DOUBLED, my practice within the first year of working with them. I now have the flexibility to take time off and the financial freedom to do so.

Just last week my wife and I went on a two-week adventure to Belgium and the Netherlands. This would never have been possible without Full Circle helping me create my ideal practice and life”

It’s been life-changing..”

– Dr. Jen Dennis

Or If You’ve Been In Practice For 10 – 20 Years:

“6 months into coaching with Full Circle and I have a staff who loves our office, our purpose, and me. Who stays late, skips lunch, and smiles with full hearts while laughing throughout the day.

I‘ve taken more vacation time and earned more money than I have at any point in my 18 years of practice. 

I love my guy more and more with my heart bursting wider and wider all the time.

But mostly, there’s an inner awakening happening and I’m learning who I am. Deeply. And it’s freeing me.

Beyond blessed. 

Thank you Full Circle!”

– Dr. Beth Forgosh

Even If You Think You Have NO Time Or You’re Feeling Like Throwing In The Towel:

“When I found Full Circle, I was in my 19th year of practice and was ready to throw in the towel. I had just spent $100k on expanding my practice for an associate doc that up and left to compete down the road only months later.

I had to work double-time to keep up with my patients and hers to ensure they didn’t leave my practice for hers.

After only 3 months with Full Circle, I’ve just had my best week seeing 40% more patients than ever before. I’ve more than doubled my PVA. My monthly business revenue has increased by 45% since starting 3 months ago.

And I’m not exhausted, I’m excited!

It’s unbelievable.”

– Dr. Brandy Grantham

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside The Vitruvian Experience™:

  • Magic Patient Formula that will show you how many patients it requires to afford your dream lifestyle (hint: it’s closer than you think)
  • I Know I Am Success When Tracker to clearly define what you want and what it costs and keep you accountable to achieving success in your definition.
  • Expense and Revenue Tracking so you can get ahead of your debt, finally plan a vacation, and start turning dreams into plans.
  • Dynamic Schedule that will allow you to choose your office hours so you can control when you’re home with your family, without losing patients because of it.
  • Money Mindset Blueprint that will remove subconscious beliefs about money that is keeping you from accumulating wealth.
  • Productivity Planner to overcome procrastination and get more done in your working hours.
  • Certainty Builder Exercise that will allow you to authentically close more new patients.
  • 5-Step Patient Retention Method for doubling your PVA and therefore your revenue without advertising.
  • Bulletproof Marketing Plan to acquire new patients authentically without slimy, salesy gimmicks or fee reductions.
  • High-Performance Procedures for getting more done in less time so nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Outcomes Assessments so more and more is taken OFF your plate and delegated to your staff so nothing slips through the cracks while you focus on your talents and skills.
  • Rockstar Assistant Method for turning your receptionist into a patient attraction and retention rockstar.
  • Rockstar Recruiting Method for finding the best talent BEFORE you need them, so you never go through a rough patch.
  • Leadership Mastery Module for getting more out of yourself and your team each day.
  • Actually plan and prepare for a family vacation, or just Friday afternoons all to yourself.
  • Become the practice owner you’re proud of.

Grow Your Practice Your Way

While the “gurus” and “experts” out there are telling you what to add to your practice to inject more revenue (and more work) in order to hit their definition of success through their specific systems and scripts

This is the only program on the planet that gives you the frameworks, systems, and tools to define and design success for yourself…

Because we know the only way it’s going to work for you is if you do it your way… (which is likely the reason you’re in business for yourself anyways).

What you get when you join The Vitruvian Experience™

Your Vitruvian Experience membership offers a suite of essential tools, frameworks, resources, and step-by-step exercises to transform your practice into a high-performance machine (without losing the personality, character, and culture that allows you to stand out in your community).

Inside The Practice Growth Toolbox

You’ll receive one year access to the video training and exercises that will move you deliberately through the phases so you can define the dream, create the void, free up your time, and create a team-operated practice. 24/7 access to the online portal

Reverse Engineer The Dream:

  • Determine what “success” actually costs you monthly for you to live well and provide the best for your family.
    HINT: you’re closer than you think
  • Reverse engineer how many patients it’s going to take for you to pay yourself what you need in order to live your definition of success month after month
  • Spreadsheets you can populate monthly to see where your money comes and goes, and track how close you are to a “successful” month
  • Exercises to understand how you intrinsically operate so you can stop trying to fight yourself and align your values with your time so each day becomes more interesting and productive

Value: $4,000

Systems That Scale:

  • Create a customized plan of attack to generate more patients and increase referrals with the Marketing Planner that will allow you to focus on the strengths and assets you already possess. (No cookie cutter marketing and advertising templates you must follow)
  • Learn how to optimize your new patient intake that is efficient and effective so you don’t lose new patients to another doc down the road 
  • Customizable frameworks for your Report of Findings that will allow you to find your voice and your flow so you can deliver these with confidence in a way that has more new patients sticking around longer.
  • The most overlooked system that most docs don’t have their CA’s doing which can easily add thousands more to your practice per month. This is vital to increase your PVA and double your revenue 

Value: $5,000

Eliminate Distractions and Subluxations To Success:

  • Explore your subconscious relationship with money and abundance so we can explore the landmines and self-sabotage that has and will inhibit your ability to attract and retain patients
  • Explore and enhance this vital “money-making trait” that most docs struggle with, which will have at least 50% more new patients saying yes to your care plans. HINT: it’s not sales
  • Frameworks for you to use to develop authentic and effective “scripts” that will have more patients saying yes, without sounding salesy or robotic. You won’t find cookie cutter templates here.
  • Earn more revenue and work less by finding the time blocks that you are doing low dollar per hour tasks so you’re freed up to focus on higher level activities that drive the practice forward. Simple formula to make more while working less.

Value: $3,000

Develop Top Talent For a Profitable Practice:

  • Create defined roles in your practice that will help your staff understand what it takes to do a *good job* in their role so you can honour their efforts and measure performance. This is something most practices don’t have that can damage the relationship dynamics
  • Learn the habits, traits, and KPI’s of a Rockstar CA so you can see where your team may need to step it up to support you, while you focus on higher level tasks that increase revenue
  • Discover our unique compensation formula that will have your CA going above and beyond the call of duty to grow the practice and increase PVA *for you*
  • Create better communication and goal-orientation inside the practice through structured team meetings that will allow you to share your greater vision and get your team on board for the daily growth steps it will require.
  • Start building your bench, recruiting top local talent so if your CA ever quits it doesn’t put your practice out – this is something nobody talks about but can save you thousands in the long-run.

Value: $4,000

Total Value for the Toolbox: $16,000

In Addition To The Practice Growth Toolbox, You’ll Also Receive:

A Personal Success Coach

You’ll be assigned your very own accountability coach. Someone who has been a client of Full Circle’s, drank the kool-aid, created a successful practice, walks the talk, and now has the skills to teach other practice owners how it’s done…

  • Create a 90 day game-plan every quarter, designed around your goals and your practice, so that you know how to navigate the toolbox, instead of leaving you to try and figure it all out on your own.
  • Get your questions answered throughout the program so you know if you’re on the right track and what to do if you get stuck.
  • You’ll get REAL accountability. The way the toolbox is setup, we can see your progress and if you’re actually putting in the work.

Total Value for Coaching Support: $6,000

A Supportive Community of Practice Owners

Being a practice owner can feel lonely, trying to figure everything out on your own. You’re going to be entered into a warm, welcoming TRIBE of practice owners and alchemists who are ready to design the life and practice of their dreams…

  • Facebook group of like-minded practice owners that you can create masterminds and accountability partners with.
  • A community to support and motivate each other to get the work done and share your wins that will benefit each other.
  • A place to get your questions answered from the coaches inside the group.

Total Value for the Community: $997

Here’s Everything You Get When You Sign Up For The Vitruvian Experience™ Right Now

24/7 Access To The Practice Growth Toolbox which includes: Value
Reverse Engineer The Dream $ 4,000
Eliminate Distractions and Subluxations To Success $ 3,000
Systems That Scale $ 5,000
Develop Top Talent For a Profitable Practice $ 4,000
Personal Success Coach $ 6,000
Private Community $ 997
Total Value: $ 22,997

You Deserve More Time For Yourself:

“As an experiment, I am taking Monday’s off in the summer, and reduced my hours from 40 to 30.

Last week I saw double the amount of patients in a week than normal and every month has been better than comparable months the past 7 years.”

– Dr. Mark Halpern

Become an Alchemist:

“Coaching with Full Circle has been the best decision we have made in 14 years of practice.

We had a 37% growth in our business, better relationships with our partners and team, implementation of new systems to run a more efficient clinic, financial plan and goals set out for life/business, improved family life and relationship with spouse, more time off with no dip in billings, making dreams a reality – trip to Disney.


– Dr. Tara Price

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