Our Coaching and Consulting spots are FULL.

Full of truth-seeking, aspiring entrepreneurs who understand the importance of a clear vision and clear path to get them there.

And I want you to be one of them.

Our Tribe of spiritual truth-seekers is building, and our world is becoming a better place because of this. We are called CONSCIOUS entrepreneurs. Awakened to the power of authentic expression.

You see, I believe if we all only did what we loved and what we were good at, then the planet would spin a hell of a lot easier on it’s axis and many of the worlds social and cultural problems would disappear overnight. I truly believe that.

The issue I’ve seen after 20+ years of coaching the greatness out in people is that we are taught to suppress the genius inside of us, and replace our internal truth-seeking wisdom with what the external world wants of us.

This is how artists become accountants, musicians become doctors, and people become martyrs. It is one of the main reasons people become frustrated and resentful instead of inspired and grateful for their lives.

I’m sure you have a friend who is an exception to this.

That friend where things tend to come easy. Who are always happy, switched on, and the universe rewards them in exchange for this positivity they bring to the world.

For me that’s Dr Frazer, who actually came to me for coaching when he was BORED and unfulfilled because things usually came easy to him.

So why did I have to work so damn hard to build my businesses and Frazer had it easy in comparison?

Why is it that two people can go to the same conference and learn the same things, but one 10X’s their business and the other stays stuck and struggles.

I believe it’s because of the conditioning we receive in our prime years growing up.

We are either taught to listen to our greatness and live from it… or as my parents taught me, work hard and do what you are TOLD.

I’ve built a great coach, consulting business around simply helping people remove the bullshit that sabotages their success so their business grows organically.

We have spent over 2 decades redefining, refining and re-establishing the steps needed to create your blueprint to the life you were born to authentically live.

We are now a team of coaches that come from various walks of life and backgrounds. We have one thing in common. We have all chosen to awaken to the power of our own authentic expression and build ultra successful lives and businesses from that power.


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Are you “enough”?

Have you decided when enough is enough?

What would it take to have the incessant “I’m not enough” voice in your head to quiet down to a whisper?

What would it take to experience a deeper connection with your family and your friends? Where you actually listen and laugh instead of being so caught up in your head with your concerns and worries all the damn time.

I used to think it was money and “business success” that would allow me to feel these things.

I was very wrong.

What it took was removing all the “layers” and “debris” of who I was taught and told to be, then the true essence of who I really was emerged.

The pure raw power, creativity and wisdom that is the authentic you rises from the ashes of the fallen debris like some mythical Phoenix from long ago.

It is not uncommon to have participants tell us about the record weeks or months they have in their business following the start of coaching.

One of the biggest reasons why is that they’re no longer self-sabotaging their own success. They got out of their own way.

Another aspect of this is simply, they can establish a deeper connection and rapport with their clients, and that allows people to want to choose to do business with them and refer their friends.

All I know is that this shit works… but I had to prove it to myself.

I’d like to prove it to you:

Who is The ``Practice From Within” Coaching Work Best For?

Those who:

  • Have tried cookie cutter coaching programs and it “hasn’t worked”
  • Are open and willing to be coached (we have had to fire several clients who were “uncoachable”)
  • Feel like there is something greater within them and they can’t seem to find it or release it
  • Want to create a strong vision that propels them out of bed each morning
  • Are not operating at their dream income goals, or haven’t been able to define what those are
  • Have not awakened their authentic voice
  • Have not created the systems that allow them to work smarter and not just harder so they make more profits with less energy

So How Do We Do This?!

We move from Vision to Focus to Systems and Team.

From students to self made millionaires, we fix the holes that allow them to awaken to their authentic greatness.


Our clients see an average of 347% ROI in the first year of coaching…. More in year two.

But not everyone is looking for a financial gain from having a coach.

We have seen some people define success by referring out the stressful and ungrateful patietns overnight once they defined their blueprint for what a successful business looks like.

There is no “right” definition of success in life or business which is why we have clients come to our service for so many different reasons.

However we do contend that there is a “right” way for you to live your life and run your business based on YOUR definition of success.

Dr. AJ signed up right after university and was able to turn a profit in just a matter of weeks yet, “nothing compares to the level of certainty I have in myself and in my chiropractic practice” he states.

Dr. Amber grew her practice without any marketing spend once she built her certainty and honed her vision.

Align Your Health noted in 2017 they saw a 24% jump in revenue vs 15.5% increase the year before BUT they also saw a 113% increase in net profit vs a -47% decrease from 15′ to 16.

We Want To Help You:

  • Remove the focus blocks that stop you from getting traction on new patient growth
  • Create a Business Lifestyle Intention Sheet that will allow you to reverse engineer the exact amount of money you need to make, the exact amount of patients you need to see and start to reduce the gap on your dream lifestyle. (not a cookie cutter method)
  • Create a plan to reduce your hours by 33% so you can commit to yourself, your hobbies and your family again without sacrificing revenues
  • Show you the systems you need in your practice that will allow you to raise your prices and grow your profit margins by over 25%


How Long is The Coaching Program?!

We offer one FREE month of coaching as a trial to ensure you are a good fit for us and that we are a good fit for you.

Then we work in 12 months agreement cycles.

Our average clients works with us for more than one year but that is entirely up to you.

How much?

Depends on your currency – but anywhere from $800 to $1100 a month

How much time/work involved?

It really depends on the human as we customize each clients program. On average we ask for a commitment of 1 to 3 hours/week.

Is it guaranteed?

As with most things in life there are no guarantees, you get out what you put in, but our average return on investment is 347% for the money invested in the first year. This is commonly higher the more years that people coach.

What is the ROI?

347% – meaning that every dollar you spend you get an additional $3.47 back

Where did the coaching team get their qualifications?

The coaching team is made up of highly successful entrepreneurs who earned their “stripes” in the school of hard knocks and the trenches of running their own successful businesses.

The team works under the guidance of our head coach, Dr Tom Preston, who has 20+ years and tens of thousands of hours of successful coaching experience under his belt.

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