Where does passion come from? How do you define passion? And how do you get more of it?

These are the questions you might find yourself asking.

There’s one thing you have to fully understand before you can take the steps towards finding your passion, and that is that you are the master of your life.

Everyone’s path is different, and everyone will have their own opinions about how they should go about doing what they love.

The path to living in a way that’s congruent with your interests and values involves coming to a decision and changing your behaviors in order to revolve your life around those things you love.

You can’t let others decide for you what success should look like because you’re the only one who can define exactly that – and there’s no way any other person could possibly know what success means to you.

00:00 – How do you define passion? Where does passion come from?
01:11 – How do you find your passion?
02:22 – How do you become congruent with your values and definition of success?
04:14 – What’s your exercise for this month?

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