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In this video I want to enrol you in a possibility, in a way of life and a way of running a business that is not traditional at all but it’s what i call heart-based business.

The vast majority of people I’ve coached are people that are extremely bright and have tremendous intellects. As a result they get tremendous accolades for being bright. Whether it’s good grades at school and their parents gave them love and accolades or whether it’s for problem solving at work or in their careers.

The vast majority of people get tremendous accolades for their intellect and so because of that it becomes the main processing system that we’ve been taught to use.

We tend to default to that head based thinking and that head-based way of going through life and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However there’s a consequence to that and the consequence is that it takes an enormous amount of energy to live that way.

There are some experiences, some problems and some goals that just cannot be solved from purely a head-based approach.

Watch and listen as I tell the story of Lise and how one courageous act of following my heart changed my life and the life of Lise forever.

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