Are you a chiropractor tired of underperforming associates? Dive into this guide on how to nurture, train, and leverage your associates for the growth of your practice. Discover the importance of mentorship, structured training, and fostering the right mindset. Don’t just hire – inspire and elevate your team to new heights!

0:00 – Introduction
0:20 – The Problem with Underperforming Associates
0:45 – The Importance of Time Commitment by Senior Docs
1:40 – The Power of Scheduled Meetings
2:15 – Being Transparent and Having a Plan
3:00 – Balancing Administrative Tasks and Clinical Training
3:40 – Addressing the Mindset Challenge for Young Associates
4:20 – The Role of Mentorship in Boosting Retention
4:50 – Conclusion and Call to Action

One of Our Top Tidbits: “Why Chiropractic Associate Agreements FAIL and RUIN RELATIONSHIPS”