Here we go over a very simple and yet crucial marketing tactic that more chiropractors need to know – the word of mouth strategy.

Referral marketing for chiropractors works on the very same principle as with anything else. It’s an old and tested method for finding new customers that even the biggest businesses in the world still rely on – from Hollywood movies to car manufacturers, all are dependent on having a good word of mouth strategy.

Here, I’d say it’s even more crucial since chiropractic marketing often isn’t something chiropractor’s like to engage in. And that’s understandable – they are chiropractors, not advertisers or marketing experts. But this is yet another reason why referral marketing for chiropractors is so powerful – you can easily do it while working on the table and conversing with your patient.

The whole idea of it can be seen easily if you simply ask your patients these two quick

  1. “What changes have you noticed in your health and well being since you started coming to us?”
  2. “Who is the one person you know who would benefit the most from chiropractic treatments?”

Both questions are carefully worded to have the effect that we have. In the video, we go over how these questions can work for you and help increase your customer base without leaving the table. They will invite your patients to talk with their friends about you more than they would otherwise and thus – the word of mouth strategy will help your practice flourish.

We’re not trying to sugarcoat it either – referral marketing for chiropractors isn’t the be-all and end-all of marketing your chiro-practice. It also isn’t easy, because it needs to be authentic and come from a good place and a desire for helping people. However, it is also a great stepping stone you can start with that will greatly help your practice. If you want to find out more on how you can improve your practice, widen your client base, and help even more people, get on a call with one of our trained coaches to go over a 60-minute mindset review.