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How deeply embedded can a scarcity complex be?

I grew up in a lower-middle-class family. My parents were blue-collar workers. Because of my parent’s struggles with money, I wasn’t exposed to adequate money education and so I developed a scarcity complex around it. When I was 6 years old, I started selling greeting cards door-to-door and over the course of my youth, I held various jobs because I had money scarcity anxiety.

From that young age I understood that in order to get ahead, I needed to step up and work hard. Because I didn’t learn much about money when I was younger, I’ve worked diligently to change and let go of the scarcity consciousness over the years. This is how I’ve remodeled my relationship with money.

Recently, I had an encounter with my scarcity consciousness when I tried to save money on a tractor which turned out to be in bad condition. Had I bought the tractor, it would have been a bad purchase. My decision-making capacity was clouded by scarcity consciousness.

While everything is relative when it comes to the perception of money, the scarcity consciousness can be very deeply embedded. However, with some money education, you can overcome it. I encourage you to have a look at how deeply your scarcity consciousness runs and how it causes you to undervalue the great contribution that you make in society through your business and products.

Money scarcity can be a reality for many, but you shouldn’t buy into any scarcity complex. Rather celebrate your abundance consciousness because the universe is always conspiring to support us.

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