This video is all about handling those crucial conversations that come up again and again. Rather than stammer and stumble when faced with a difficult situation, when you know the secrets to effective client communication, you can respond with confidence and retain more clients.

The first thing you can do to communicate effectively is to have the client repeat back what happened in their own words. If you can get a patient to describe what they’re experiencing, you can help to deescalate the situation while giving yourself time to think about how best to respond.

Secondly, there are a number of phrases that you can throw in here for better client communication. For example, phrases like “commonly,” “it’s been my observation,” and “historically,” are all ways that you can start a response and show the patient that what they’re experiencing is normal. If they can begin to see that you’ve helped others just like them, it’ll make these kinds of crucial conversations much easier because they’ll have more trust.

The next step you can take is to show them something objective. Explain that in many chiropractic cases, symptoms don’t show relief until later on in the treatments, but that once they do, the progression tends to be exponential rather than linear.

In order to show them something objective, you can offer one more adjustment and ask them to come in for a reexamination. During the reexamination you can then either do a posture analysis, another x-ray, or anything else to show that there are indeed changes happening.

By using these simple, yet effective client communication tips, you can avoid getting stumped when it matters most. The fact is, if you want to keep more clients, you’ve got to learn to navigate these crucial conversations.

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