Why is coaching and mentoring important for building a business? Well, in this video, I explain why Full Circle coaching can provide you with valuable guidance that will help you create a better life. You see, it’s not enough to be a great chiropractor, if you want to build a successful business that allows you enough freedom to fully enjoy your life, it takes a unique vision and a set of skills to make that vision a reality.

What is the number one secret to building a consistent practice with great patient retention? It’s your chiropractic exams. Specifically, the progress exams that let your clients know how far they’ve come. These exams are crucial because they’re a chance for you to reinspire your clients and keep them motivated about coming back.

Exams do not need to take a lot of time as long as you’re organized about it. I have two types of progress exams. One is a complete, thorough exam. This exam shows the patient how much they’ve improved, but beyond that, it also shows that I value the progress that they’re making. When you feel that the exams are meaningful, then your patients will feel that too. Then there’s a shorter exam that tests a patient’s negatives. This kind of exam allows me to quickly see how much progress they’ve made on just the abnormal areas.

Additionally, you want to evaluate the lifestyle impacts that have been made. By providing a lifestyle questionnaire, you can help the patient see the connection between their overall functioning and the visits, which will improve patient retention.

Another important aspect of these chiropractic exams is communication. When sitting down with the patient after the exam, remind them of why they came into your office originally and what quality of life measures were being affected. Describe exactly how their problems began. Then, describe to them where they are now based on the tests they just took.

A progress exam will greatly increase your rate of patient retention, as long as you know how to communicate the results effectively. These are some of the most important chiropractic exams because they help connect progress with care. Be diligent about your exams and results will follow — for both you and your patients.