In this interview with Zach Vogel, we discuss some tips for setting goals, and how to train so that you can meet those goals. You see, Zach is not just strong, or big, or fast — he’s all three. And his ability to achieve amazing results with his body is due to the systems that he’s developed for reaching his goals.

As Zach describes, if he really wanted to win the races he was in, he would lose about 30 pounds in order to give himself a more ideal weight. However, that’s not his goal. By reducing his weight, he would also be reducing his muscle mass. His goal is to perform well while still retaining his strength, something that is a truly unique feat.

When setting goals, it’s important to pinpoint what it is that you are seeking. This makes it much easier to decide how to train. For me, I want to work on physical goals. If you look at the seven dynamics: the physical, mental, emotional, familial, financial, spiritual, and social aspects of life; I’m really honing in on just one core area. By focusing your goals, and being clear about what you want to achieve, you will be able to attain those goals with focus and efficiency.

When thinking about training, you also want to keep in mind the fact that you need to prepare for the ups and downs that you’ll be presented with. No matter if you’re training for a physical challenge, or a business challenge, you have to be ready for unpredictability.

By setting goals that are specific, you can start to learn how to train in a way that gives you the most success. Whether in life or in fitness, be clear about your goals, and prepare for the unexpected.

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