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In today’s video, I discuss a recent coaching dialogue I had with a client, and the 3 KEYS TO SUCCESS I shared to help her get in a new place where she can now have more joy and contentment in life. This can also help you achieve success, and live YOUR values which should not entirely be influenced by others.

We actually create our own barriers to prosperity and happiness by always benchmarking our life and the way we do things with what others have or do. We measure ourselves based on beliefs and values influenced by others – including those from people we love, like our parents. While we may also agree with some beliefs or values these people have and want to carry it into our lives as well, we might not necessarily want to copy every bit of it.

Have AWARENESS of what things give you joy and allow yourself to live YOUR values and beliefs. Be true to yourself.

Change your MINDSET. Know that, while you love the people who might’ve shaped most of how you live your life now, you don’t necessarily have to live life entirely influenced by others. This shouldn’t change your relationship with them. You merely want to live life according to what brings you (and the people around you) joy.

Finally, it takes SKILL to pull through and actually let go of the guilt of not conforming to what others do.

By having these 3 keys to success, you can get rid of the unnecessary things you’ve been used to which don’t really make you happy anymore. This way you can live a more authentic and fulfilled life!

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