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Have you discovered your true essence? What is your authentic being?

These are important questions that we often forget to ask ourselves. But I thought of them recently while I was at a meditation retreat. You see, at this retreat there was a little chipmunk who I was able to observe and interact with.

Doing so made me think about the fact that he was expressing his true “chipmunkness.” That is, he was simply being who he was meant to be. He was showing his authentic being.

I contend that all living beings have a true essence that translates into a purpose and meaning in life. We all have a desire to express ourselves in a particular way that makes us feel whole.

So the question is, what is the full authentic expression of who you are? How do you express your inherent authentic greatness?

Connecting to your authentic being is the key to living a fulfilled life, and it’s what we help people do at Full Circle Coaching and Consulting.

By discovering your true essence, you can develop a more joyous and fulfilled life.
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