Like they say, time really IS Gold. So how can you be more productive and effective with your time usage? In today’s video, I discuss 3 strategies that will help save you valuable time, let you consume time wisely, and allow you to invest it on the things that bring in more business returns for you.

One of the keys to achieving this is by automating business processes that you used to do (or still are doing) manually and repetitively. Automation will allow you to condense the tasks that are usually time- and energy-consuming into just a few clicks done in a second.

Auditing your time can also have a significant impact on your business or even personal life. Track your time and see what things you’re spending the most on, and arrange them by importance. This way, you become more conscious about the way you consume time. You might even want to set alarms or timers for things you want to consciously reduce your time for!

You will also want to know your major outcome activities. Out of all the things that you give time for, you need to identify the 20% of activities that give you 80% of the results for your business. This way you get better returns on your time investment.

Time management is vital for your productivity. If you can manage to automate every time-consuming business process, and become a lot more conscious and intentional about your time usage, then you can get more of your valuable time back.