Believe it or not, having excellent service isn’t enough to get your chiropractic business booming – especially if no one knows about it anyway. What you want is to have chiropractic marketing strategies that will let people KNOW just how great you are at what you do. And one of the best ways to do that is through client testimonials which you can get for FREE from satisfied customers, and have them use Google customer reviews as a platform, again, for FREE.

Before anything else, you should also make sure to claim your business through the Google My Business app. This increases your credibility and certainty amongst customers. This also works as SEO through Google, which helps optimize your business to what the market searches for. Best of all, Google My Business is also FREE!

It’s crucial for your business to get as many positive reviews on Google as possible because it is often the first touchpoint of prospects looking for your practice. Google NEEDS to be your next marketing plan.

The reviews people see give them (and YOU) an idea about how current customers feel about your services. People care a lot about ACTUAL ratings and reviews of ACTUAL customers who have already tried your service. This is what helps them trust that you could offer them the same delightful experience.

Your customers also want to know that you are in touch with their client testimonials and feedback. So make sure to respond to reviews, and take their comments and suggestions in to know the things they like about you – things you should continue doing – and areas for improvement.

The more reviews on Google you get, the more organically your business will show up when people search for your service. So, make sure you get as many Google customer reviews as possible as part of your chiropractic marketing strategies.

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