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In order to be your best self, you need to find your authentic expression and live it. To do otherwise can just make you selfish, and that doesn’t mix well with entrepreneurship, your chiropractic practice, or any type of business or career in general. In today’s video, I tell you why.

Now, you may be wondering what I mean by this. I believe that every living being has a specific purpose. The chipmunk can only ever be a chipmunk. It will never act like a bird, a fish, a snake – because that’s not how it was created.

In the same way, you can only be your best self by tapping into your own authentic expression. Who are you meant to be? What are you really good at?

The thing is, if you’re not doing what you’re called to do, then you’re being selfish. If you’re an entrepreneur who is self-actualized, self-realized, ambitious, and driven, you’ve probably already been selfish at one point in your life, even if you’re not totally aware of it. That’s because you’re more likely to do more than you ought to be doing.

You probably don’t feel like you’re being selfish when you’re just going above and beyond expectations of you in your career or entrepreneurial journey. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

To go beyond your authentic expression is to take opportunities away from someone else, especially if they can do it a lot better, and you can only perform at an average level.

Instead, find an area where you can be your best self. What are you excellent at? What are you called to do and what are you meant to contribute in this universe?

When you discover where your strengths lie, you can give more of yourself and get so much more in return.

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