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There are four key elements of delegation that, once mastered, can give you much more freedom to live your ideal life. These delegation tips are designed to allow you to rely more on your team, so that you can step away from your chiropractic office or healthcare practice, and not have to worry about things coming to a halt.

First, you want absolute clarity on exactly what it is you want your team to do. A great way to know if you’ve spelled it out is to ask them if they have any questions. You can even get them to parrot it back to you.

The second of my delegation tips is to review their capabilities. I used to be guilty of thinking that people weren’t getting their stuff done because they were uninspired or unmotivated. But a lot of times that isn’t the case. I’ve found that often they simply lack the capabilities. And why don’t they have those capabilities? Because you didn’t train them.

Another one of the key elements of delegation is to confirm the deadline. The only way you can have accountability and ensure things get done in your chiropractic office or healthcare practice is if you have an agreement. Lay out a possible deadline and ask them if they can hit that.

The fourth element is consequences. What are the consequences if they don’t actually follow through and do what you’ve asked them to do? Now, you don’t have to be overly harsh, but you do need to show that you’re serious about your mission of helping others.

With these four elements of delegation in place, your team will be able to carry on without you. That means that once you put these delegation tips into practice, you’ll have more freedom to do what you want both inside and outside of your chiropractic office or healthcare practice.

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