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Not everyone who leads understands the meaning of leadership. You see, if you want to learn how to inspire employees and be a true leader in your health practice, you have to be able to stand back and let others shine.

That’s because as self-actualized, self-realized leaders, we can have the tendency to cast a shadow on our teams. By this I mean that people find us to be so strong as leaders, they end up hiding in the presence of who we are. It doesn’t allow them to develop into their own full potential.

It also gets us in situations where we’re carrying the brunt of the responsibilities. Neither of those situations are going to help you have more freedom in your health practice. Fortunately, understanding the meaning of leadership and becoming the true leader you SHOULD be for your team can help you avoid these situations.

The first step in learning how to inspire employees to grow into their own person or leader is to recognize that you’re casting a shadow. If you haven’t made room in your life for an A+ player, it’s improbable that an A+ player will ever come into your life.

Second, start giving your team more autonomy and authority. Trust your team enough to start giving them larger tasks. As they grow, so will your practice.

Third, take a step back and allow other people to step into the limelight. For example, you can get someone else to chair a meeting in your place. Or give team members the liberty to solve problems within a certain budget.

All of these are important parts of learning how to inspire employees. The meaning of leadership goes far beyond simply being competent enough to do everything yourself in your health practice.

Stop casting a shadow, be a true leader, and start allowing your team to grow.

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