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How different can it be to run a head-based business vs a heart-based business? The answer lies in using more emotional intelligence in business. IQ vs EQ presents us with very different types of intelligences, and at Full Circle Coaching and Consulting, we believe in applying business approaches that are heart-based when dealing with patients.

Today, I talk about a life-changing experience I’ve had through one of our practice members, Marilyn, and how that’s transformed the way we do things in my practice.

In our world, intellectually bright people usually receive high praise and are highly regarded in society. The vast majority of people I’ve ever interacted with in the western culture are traditionally head-based. You’ll generally be held in high regard if you can answer questions and solve problems. But later in life, you’ll begin to realize that there are cons to every pro.

For clarity, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being higher in IQ vs EQ. It can take you a long way in life. The challenge is that once you get far enough through life, you start to see that there are always equal lefts to rights, and ups to downs, and you might drive yourself into a corner by thinking through things so far but not being able to get the answer because each thing is as good as another. This’ll expend all your energy!

What a lot fail to see is that there are other ways to live your life and run your business. That is what we, at Full Circle Coaching and Consulting, call heart-based business approaches. As I share in this video through Marilyn’s story, having emotional intelligence in business can also take you to places that can truly help you and your patients in ways that you’ve never imagined.

Please stay tuned as I share the story of Marilyn, and what a transition from the head- to the heart- based kind of living meant to me and my practice.