chiropractic marketingThe reason a 30-second commercial at the Superbowl will cost around $4.5 Million dollars is because of the HUGE number of eyeballs that will be focused on their 30 second sales pitch.

Now, we don’t all have $4.5 Million dollars to promote our local business. BUT many business owners do have some budget to put towards radio commercials, posters, banners, flyers, brochures, email marketing, etc.

Although, any time and energy put towards marketing and advertising is USELESS if nobody reads/hears/sees it.

Therefore, 80% of your job is JUST getting their attention.

Once you have their attention, you have a standing chance of getting them interested in whatever you’re selling.

In the advertising world, the only way to grab someone’s attention is this one simple word.




This applies to presentations and radio ads as well if you consider the headline to be the introduction. The point is to grab their attention and hold onto it long enough to get your offer in front of them.


50% of the headline = USI


Before you can craft the headline or your intriguing introduction, you must figure out the Unique Selling Idea.

When you think about the benefits of chiropractic, you can probably generate a list of 50 of them. ALTHOUGH, there is only one main selling idea that will pull your target market in.


Ex. a new mother may not stop in her tracks for a sign that reads…
“Chiropractic Exam for Kids Starting at $49”.
Now do you think her reaction might change if the sign read…
“Reduce the Chances of Colic, Asthma, and ADHD in Your Newborn in Only 23 Minutes. Call Now.”
I’ll bet the second headline is MUCH more likely to stop a new Mom and have her interested in your services.

So make a list of all the ways your service or product can benefit the end user, and then decide which one of those is the most likely to resonate with your ideal client.

the other 50% of the headline = how you articulate it

It’s easier to generate a couple good headline titles once you have the Unique Selling Idea that you’re going to run with.

Once you know that, it’s time to put that into a punchy title/sentence.


Here are some things to consider:


    • Make your headline surprising – it’s a pattern interrupt

    • Make sure it’s targeted – if your talking to Mom’s, use the word Mom/infant/newborn, etc.

    • Make sure it’s specific – if your chiropractic exam is only 23 minutes and $49, use that in the headline so they know what they’re getting into from the start

    • Write many “intrigue-driven” statements, then select your favourite

    • Take your strongest credibility element and exaggerate it

    • The shorter, the better!

    • The punchier, the better!

    • Try it on your staff, family members, friends, and closest clients to see if it would “work” on them!


Once you have your unique selling idea, and the headline that is most likely to grab the eyeballs and attention span of those you’re reaching, your only job is to get them to read the next line or pay attention to your next sentence.

It’s a sequence that builds on itself, until you finally reach a point where they are excited by the offer that is inevitably coming their way.

Try this out in your email newsletter (with the subject line and the content), a poster at your local gym, a sign on the door, even your facebook posts!

The world is full of noise so it’s your job to do whatever you can to stand out amongst it. Good luck standing in the spotlight!

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Guest written by: Rick Tielemans  -Marketing Captain at Full Circle

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