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Are you ready for a chiropractic associate? If you’re not sure, then this video will help clear up any doubts you have about chiropractic hiring. Take a look at these ten indicators and rate yourself on each one. If you find that you’re lacking in any of these areas, you may want to consider holding off for now.

The first indicator is that you have stable volume. The two things that affect this are your marketing system and your education system.

You also need an increased desire to serve. That means having a sense that you want to seek personal fulfillment.

Have a waiting list of new patients. If you’re scrambling to get patients, then it’s not the right time for chiropractic hiring.

You also need a stable team to be in place before you add a chiropractic associate. That’s because the associate will lean on you at first.

Make sure you have reproducible systems. Everyone who comes in should have a very similar experience.

In chiropractic hiring, since an associate is also going to look to you for guidance, you also need a strong desire to mentor.

Time management mastery is also critical. You can’t just fly by the seat of your pants.

Along with time management mastery, you’ll need to master communication as well, otherwise your associate won’t truly hear you.

I share more chiropractic hiring indicators that’ll help you know if you’re ready to take on a new chiropractic associate. Watch until the end to know what they are AND don’t forget to take your notes!

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