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Are you as tired of life’s ups and downs as I am? In my life, I’ve found them to be quite frustrating, but growing through adversity is possible for you and your practice. In today‚Äôs video, I help you get through the yoyo of life by focusing on the positive and maintaining focus in your healthcare practice.

Life is not a linear experience. Every day is different and comes with its own positives and negatives. Most people struggle with the changing nature of life because of their own lack of focus. What I mean by that is that if you get easily distracted by all the different things that are presented to you daily, you’ll lose focus and that WILL frustrate you.

So, how can you find focus in your life and healthcare practice or business? How can you stay on track and maintain consistency and balance?

In my study of quantum physics, I’ve learned that there’s a matrix of energy in the universe. Energy moves in waves, which means that it too goes up and down. We’re wired to deal with ups and downs, but we need to minimize them by staying focused.

Keep watching to see how you can avoid getting caught up in life’s ups and downs by focusing on the positive, maintaining focus, and growing through adversity in your life and healthcare practice.

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