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Did you know that you can grow your chiropractic practice just by finding the right questions to ask patients? The quality of questions can make all the difference between a successful chiropractor and one who’s not. And today, I want to share what you should be probing your patients about, so that they leave your chiropractic office satisfied, and you can grow a practice that thrives.

As Albert Einstein once said, “Your quality of life is directly proportional to the quality of the questions you ask.” So, what questions should you be asking?

You can have a ton of options in terms of questions to ask patients. And while some might opt to ask questions about current pains or symptoms, successful chiropractors are able to ask patients about their past. After all, you’re treating PEOPLE in your chiropractic office, and not just symptoms. They may have past physical and mental stressors from before that are contributing to the current state that they’re in now.

Questions about their past lifestyle are great and will really help you give patients better results. But what would I say be the most important question to ask patients, so you can be on your way to becoming the successful chiropractor you want to be?

That would be asking them about the changes in their quality of life since they’ve been under YOUR care in your chiropractic office. Help them link the improvements in their life to the treatments they’re receiving from you. That way, they’ll realize the benefits they’re getting, and motivate them to come back or even refer you!

By simply coming up with the right questions to ask patients, you can help them link your care to positive changes in their life. And once you do, you’ll have a lot more people coming back to your chiropractic office for more!

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