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As a healthcare professional and practice owner, your medical staff rely on you to lead them the right way. Leadership in healthcare is not a straightforward thing, so in this video, I want to speak about the difference between healthcare leadership and dictatorship when managing your medical staff.

So, what is the difference between leadership and dictatorship?

This topic was brought on as I recently had a conversation with a client about leadership where she told me that she finds it difficult to lead her medical staff. She found there to be a very fine line between leadership in healthcare and dictatorship. And this can be a little tricky to handle for some.

While we expect our medical staff to be the adults that they are, able to handle things by themselves, I think that they’re (in fact, WE’RE all) still like children to some degree. And this is why they still need healthcare leadership from you.

Children look to adults for guidance on how to handle life. And they come to you precisely because they want to gain the skill sets they think you have that they also want to know about. They see you as a knowledgeable authority figure, someone who’s able to see things that they don’t just yet. The same applies to medical staff in your practice.

And just like children, your medical staff start off needing more guidance than ever, especially if they’re new in the field. You might start out a bit dictatorial when it comes to your healthcare leadership style but eventually, you’ll have to adjust to your staff’s evolving needs.

In your practice, it’s important to provide proper guidance, direction and leadership in healthcare. Watch this entire video to learn more about how you can be more effective in your healthcare leadership.

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