Chiropractic marketing can be confusing, intimidating, scary and coaching

Let’s face it, not everyone is inspired to stand in front of a crowd and sell the benefits of chiropractic. Others are not motivated by technology and learning online lead generation or Search Engine Optimization.

The good news is that you can build a profitable business without these skills and talents.

That’s why today we are focusing on the other end of the spectrum; keeping your beloved practice members inside your office.

Here are 5 Patient Retention tips to consider:


Tip #1: Ask them to revisit “What brought you here in the first place?”

Having a system in place to be able to ask the patient what state they were in before they found chiropractic (or before they found you), and why they chose you in the first place is a great way to soft sell your patient on the benefits of a long term chiropractic plan.

By going through this process with them, it makes them come to conclusion on their own that it’s in their best interest to continue working with you.

For one of the most effective marketing strategies for new patients, see this article.

Tip #2: Create an adjusting calendar for the member

By creating a personal adjusting calendar for your members it shows commitment to them that you take their results seriously. It also allows them to see a future with you, making the chances of them quitting your services before the end of this schedule much more unlikely.


Tip #3: Ensure there’s conversation and trust about what the patient expects from their chiropractor so you can ensure expectations are met

When you onboard a new member, do you ask them what they expect out of their chiropractor? Beyond physical and mental results, you want to get them to dig a little deeper into their desired customer service from their doc.

This creates accountability to you as a service provider for achieving greater processes in your business. It also allows them to feel like they are a part of the process and not just a dollar in your bottom line.


Tip #4: Have great systems in place to link chiropractic care with the patient’s value system

How much do you learn from your practice members?

A famous businessman, speaker, and author by the name of Harvey Mackay is a great role model for me in the way he approaches his business systems. He’s in the envelope business, but if you ask him he’s really in the relationship business (and aren’t we all!)

Harvey’s process for new clients includes the “Mackay 66” which is an introductory questionnaire of 66 questions, down to their children’s birthday’s and hobbies. By implementing something like this in your practice, you can begin to understand your patient’s family, lifestyle, love languages, and core values.

With this information in your arsenal, you are in a relationship with each member. You can communicate with them during their adjustment in a way that’s meaningful to them, with an emphasis on what they value most in this world.

Treating them with this much attention and compassion will result in a committed patient member.


Tip #5: Talk about future action steps in the office to keep them focused on their future with you

Similar to the adjusting calendar, seed the future of your relationship together. If you have a patient appreciation summer BBQ coming up in July, for example, let them know in March!

If you are considering a new technology, methodology, or new health products for the office, get their opinion on it! By including them in your conversations about the future of your practice, you are creating a mental agreement and image in their mind that they will be a regular client in this distant time frame, and that you value them and their opinion.

There are a thousand reasons why someone discontinues their chiropractic care plan. You have no control over their personal life and finances, so put your focus where you do have control – their experience.

Implement these 5 tips, and commit to creating an amazing experience for each and every member. It may be the reason they stick around longer than they originally anticipated.


We would love to create a part 2 to this patient retention article, so let us know in the comments below what you do to increase patient retention!

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