chiropractic coachingAs I travel and consult with chiropractors I am continually amazed by how few of them understand the concept
of “cluster booking!”

Cluster booking is actually based on a construct in quantum physics called harmonic resonance! What the construct of harmonic resonance states is that different aspects of matter have varying energy “signatures” or harmonic bands of resonant energy that are unique to them.

When you have things with similar frequencies and/or energy patterns   they tend to “band” together in a harmonious or harmonic way. They tend to adapt to the resonant frequency of the item that is oscillating at the highest frequency!

Why is this important in our lives and businesses? It is important because if we can band things of a similar energy signature together in our time management system they tend to create a harmonic state. This tends to produce a state of “flow” in our lives and things tend to move along very efficiently and effectively.

Let me give you a common example in a chiropractic office. The two main types of appointments in a chiropractic office are generally adjustment based appointments and extended appointments for processing new practice members, doing reports or progress reports.

The energy signature of these two basic types of activities is VERY different.

Many docs just try to stick their extended appointments in wherever they have a hole. The end result is often the opposite of what their intention is and they commonly end up running behind because they don’t end the extended visit on time.

The reason they run behind is not because the doc is inherently lazy or incompetent with time management it is because the energy signature of these two different activities does not blend well! A state of harmonic resonance is not achieved as you bounce from one activity to another and therefore it is an uphill battle to make it work well!

A better choice would be to “cluster” your extended appointments in a pre-planned cluster of time and do them all together. Because these activities are similar in their energy signature you will find you can get into a state of “flow” with them and they will go smoothly and efficiently!

The same is true of your adjusting time and I encourage you to cluster your adjustments together. In my office I did my finest clinical adjusting/work when I was busy and moving effectively and efficiently from table to table adjusting people in a state of harmonic resonant flow!

This same principle applies to all areas of your life. Try clustering together different household chores and errands and watch how much more effectively and efficiently you go through your days.

I will stop just short of guaranteeing that once you try clustering together activities of similar energy signatures you will not go back to just “sticking things in” wherever you think they may fit!

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