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As a health professional and owner of a healthcare practice, you have a dream to serve your community at the highest level possible. And it’d help a lot if you had the right team of health staff to make that happen. Inspiring your team to work on that with you is essential. So today, I share how you can encourage peak performance from your team.

You’re a self-reliant, self-actualized entrepreneur willing to do whatever it takes to grow your business. But you also get fatigued by trying to do it all by yourself.

Having peak-performing team members in your healthcare practice would make a massive difference, allowing you to take more time off, and have a high quality life while making more money. But you have to know that bringing on B or C calibre players can drag you down and take more resources than they add.

Well, here’s the answer: Ensure you CREATE (NOT find) peak performing team members.

Inspiring your team is part of what it takes to create the right team of health staff for your healthcare practice. Stay tuned to learn what else you’ll need to do just that.