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Do you have die hard patients in your practice?

Good patients who religiously follow through on their treatment plan in the long-run aren’t simply “found”. Today’s video will show you how you can master patient relationships and patient retention through customer nurturing, so that die hard patients can be MADE.

Yes, you read that right. Die hard patients – your biggest fans, your lifelong patients, and your greatest source of joy and stable income – are NOT found. They’re made! They’re molded from the clay of expert education that starts with their first phone call and never ends.

While tossing your marketing “lure” across the right waters for your ideal patient is important, it’s not nearly as important as customer nurturing, so you can have better patient retention and lifelong patient relationships. Efforts in acquiring more new patients would be useless if you’re unable to keep good patients who stick with your treatment plan and with you in the long-term.

At Full Circle Coaching and Consulting, we have a four-pillar approach to doing business. The Full Circle Road Map is composed of your Vision, Focus, Systems, and Team, which are the main drivers for you to move forward, and nurture even more good patients in your chiropractic office.

Want to learn how you can use this to grow your practice? I share with you the secrets that, until now, only my high ticket coaching clients have had access to. These are the same ones that I used to build my personal practice to over 600 patient visits per week with a 4-week waiting list for new patients that I’ve shared with hundreds and hundreds of clients over my 25+ year coaching career.

Keep watching to see the secrets to making good patients who follow your treatment plan, building better patient relationships, and having them stick with you long-term with better patient retention through customer nurturing. Watch until the end to know all about them.