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If you accept the premise that there is indeed a universal intelligence, then gaining clarity in your Chiropractic office is as simple as following three steps.

The first step is to accept the form of teaching that presents itself to you. What do I mean by this?

Well, let’s say you go through a difficult experience in your life. Maybe it involves loss, or a great deal of emotional or physical pain. Accept that within that suffering that you experience, there is something to be learned.

If you can’t accept the form of the teaching, then you’re rejecting the premise of the matrix of intelligence. On the other hand, acceptance of a universal intelligence brings a whole cascade of benefits that can change your outlook in your Chiropractic office and life.

The second step to gaining clarity is to stack up the benefits. You can have no loss without gain. Because there is no loss without gain, you can always find benefits. Look for them in the spiritual, physical, familial, and social planes.

The third one I share can be especially challenging at times, but goes hand in hand with the first two steps. If you accept that there’s a universal intelligence, and you know that there’s no loss without gain, then this third element follows naturally.

Watch until the end to learn about all 3 steps that’ll help you with gaining clarity. With this understanding, each new experience will always be valuable and becomes an opportunity to grow in your Chiropractic office and in life.

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