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As healthcare professionals, we’re always thinking about getting new patients in order to grow our chiropractic practice or healthcare business. But the truth is that it’s patient volume that we should be looking into when it comes to chiropractic practice management. This is a factor of both new patients AND patient visit average or PVA.

What is PVA? It’s the number of adjustments your patients get in a lifetime relationship with your practice. While too often, we hear that we should focus on getting new patients through health marketing, what actually makes your healthcare business or chiropractic practice sustainable is ultimately how long these patients will stay with you. How long will they keep coming back for patient visits?

In my experience, I’ve found it to be essential to help people by encouraging them to be the best versions of themselves, and to perform at their optimal level. In chiropractic practice management, it’s important for patients to see the value of the work we do, and the value of pursuing the treatments until they’re restored to their optimum health.

The only way we can allow patients to see our value is if we also gain clarity and certainty about who we are, what we do, and the incredible impact we can effect with our chiropractic practice and abilities. With this, we can attract new patients, and keep old ones coming back.

Keep watching to know about the powerful technique I share in this video, to help you increase volume, not just through a slew of new patients in your practice, but also through an increase in patient visits.

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