In this video i’m going to give you the greatest sales hack that i have ever found. One that absolutely revolutionized my life my business.

Sales is where you are educating somebody to the value of a product or service that you believe in, in order to help fulfill them, make a difference in their life and/or impact a positive consequence in their life. No one wants to buy junk so we’re not talking about that.

There are many many different sales strategies and techniques that have occurred over time. To understand this sales hack you have got to understand the psychology of all human beings before they buy anything from you.

They must know you. They must like you and they must trust you. The trust piece is the hardest piece because people then have to go through that sense that this is another human being that i can connect to. This is another human being that I actually like and feel like i could trust that the product or service they’re selling me is something that’s going to be of value to me.

Watch the video to find out the simplest and best sales hack I have ever found to have more new patients follow through with your amazing care plans.

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