Let’s first lay the context for what Spiritual Coaching is.spiritual coaching

The dictionary defines spirituality not primarily as a religious belief, but as a human possession:




  1. of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

When we look at it this way, spiritual coaching refers to the act of peeling away the calluses formed through conditioning and experiences, allowing your innate and authentic self to be revealed. The very core of who you are.

Imagine if all business was done with the intention of positively affecting human spirit or soul, opposed to the monetary outcome. Think about the toll booth collector who loves every minute of her job because she gets to interact with people everyday; feeding off their journey, their commute… inspiring her to wake up everyday to meet new strangers.

I hope the place you find yourself in business today is from a beautiful blend of talent, skill, passion, and self-reflection. It’s far too easy today to take the path of least resistance; which often involves entry-level positions that are too cozy to leave, or becoming a doctor in the shadows of your parents achievements.

Whatever and wherever you are in your career, you don’t have to love every aspect of what you show up everyday to do. However, you can choose to bring the best version of yourself into every situation that you show up for. You can choose to bring the human spirit into every piece of your day knowing that you are constantly affecting or infecting those around you. If you need some inspiration to get those juices flowing, take a second and reflect on your spirit and what brightens your day.


What is it that lights you up?

  • Do you feel alive when you sing karaoke?

  • Do you thrive on magazines about decorating spaces or cakes?

  • Is there a 7 year old inside of you that’s craving to build a tree fort?


Do things that make you lose track of time more often. They fill up your spiritual tank so you’re more equipped to handle the friction of the following day, but also give you a clue as to what it is you were put on this planet for (one of the many reasons you are here).

This is what spiritual coaching is all about. The exercises are designed to take the ego and conditioning out of who you believe yourself to be, so that we can bring out the person you were born to be into every moment. From this place, success is much more stream-lined because you are no longer standing in your own way – which I contend is 60-80% of the reason we are not living out our most authentic lives.

In our Full Circle internal jargon we simply live, work, and play within our “Core Values”. These are the categories and characteristics that make up the core of who you are. We lead from this place with everything we do and make sure it shows in our interactions.

I truly believe those who have their Core Values defined are at least twice as happy and likely to “succeed”, because they have taken the first step in defining what makes their spirit dance. See at Full Circle, spirituality and business are one in the same and we aim to help bridge the gap for businesses around the world.


Define your Core Values with this free exercise and bring more of your spirit into your business: