If there’s one common theme we see a desire for in our Full Circle community, it’s the desire to learn how to market chiropractic care to new patients.

chiropractic marketing

Here’s a step-by-step exercise to get your services in front of the right crowd, no matter how big your city is.


Your marketing results boil down to three things:

  1. Your ability to clarify exactly who you help and how you help them

  2. Your ability to clearly communicate this message with confidence

  3. Your ability to get this message in front of the right people in the right way

Tweak Your Marketing Message:

Example: “I can help everyone in my community feel better by allowing the body to heal itself when opening up the conversation pathways between your brain and your body parts through the nerves passing through the spine.”

That may get you an interesting conversation in the grocery store, but it surely will NOT get you a flood of new patients.

Real Estate Agents and Network Marketers can easily fall into this trap I’m calling the Everyone is My Target Market attitude.

Buyers make emotional decisions and justify them later with logic. It’s from this place you need to craft your Marketing Message.

Using Chiropractor’s as an example, let’s craft a few examples of a highly targeted marketing message:


  1. “I help pregnant mothers decrease the chances of back pain, nausea, and childbirth complications”

  2. “We help kids with ADD and ADHD increase focus and concentration”

  3. “I dramatically reduce healing time for sports injuries so you can get back to doing what you love”

  4. “Our services alleviate chronic back pain in {construction workers | desk workers | factory workers} so you don’t have to miss a day of paid work”

  5. “The treatment we provide seniors has eliminated the need for some of their prescription pills saving them $____ each month”


If you breakdown and analyze each marketing message you can identify what each one states, who they help and how they benefit.

Now it’s your turn. Write down three different marketing messages that define the majority of your clientele (try it in the comment section below)!


Market Your Message:

Now that you’ve articulated at least three benefits (and who you provide them to), let’s look at a few ways to put them to work for you.

Interact; But Don’t Be a Chameleon

Go to Meetup.com and search your city for events that specifically cater to those you’ve identified you help.

Let’s say you’ve decided it’s a Singles Soirée you want to attend next Wednesday night, but it’s not very congruent with the marketing messages you’ve created. It’s likely more powerful to tell the person you’re chatting up that you work with pregnant mothers, rather than trying to tailor your message to each person. This way you don’t confuse the audience, and you may get a referral from someone with a pregnant sister. Winning.


Packaged Goods

If the online world of advertising and marketing intimidates you, how about packaging your message up in a tangible way.

Let’s say it’s wellness and vitality you wanted to focus on. You could package up a lollipop with a sticker or business card that has your marketing message on it (ex. “feel like a kid again”) to use as a cheeky referral tool.

Since candy isn’t in congruence with wellness and vitality, how about packaging up your marketing message with a healthy/natural energy drink mix instead that suggests your services provides a similar sense of energy and focus.

The world is your creative, colourful oyster!


Online Marketing & Advertising

The online world provides ample opportunity to cast your net to a large audience and see who bites.

Where else can you put your marketing message into the faces of your ideal client multiple times per day, for such an inexpensive price tag.

The perks of Facebook and Google is that you choose who sees your advertising (and who doesn’t). They also make it tremendously easy to show up everywhere with a beautiful thing called ReMarketing.

I can cover a whole blog post on this topic (and I have); so you can look forward to reading the action steps of launching a Facebook and Google ad campaign for yourself when it hits the blog.

… in the meantime, check out the offer below!


Final Thoughts

If we’ve accomplished at least one thing together today, I hope it’s that you begin to see the creative ways you can approach your community members in a new way. I hope you feel empowered knowing there are people in your backyard in need of your services, and you don’t have to go knocking on their door to get them walking through yours.

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