You have been programmed for success ever since you were the winning sperm that found the egg and started your journey as a person.

Locked inside every person are Innate/Authentic gifts that are uniquely bundled and packaged for you to express to the world and fulfill your purpose by doing so.

However obstacles and roadblocks can and will get in the way to the organic and natural unfolding of this God given potential. One of those obstacles is a 4 letter word …… ESOL’s.

ESOL’s (Energetic Space Occupying Lesions) are the energetic equivalent of space occupying lesions in physiology. Space occupying lesions in the body block the normal Innate ability of the human body to self organize and self maintain and as a result they can create dysfunction or dis-ease of the tissue they occupy.

Energetic versions of this concept (to use an analogy) also block something the Creator gave you. Your Innate ability to grow, evolve and prosper.

Switching to a computer analogy they are like malware or spyware on mind and in your heart that block the efficiency and effectiveness with which you operate, solve problems, lead and fulfill your purpose.

In this video we will walk you through this concept in depth and show you how you can release these ESOL’s from your life and business and grow, prosper and have more fulfillment as a result.

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