What i want to present to you in this video is the possibility that you are connected to nature in a very profound way. By harnessing that connection and being more aware of that connection and understanding that connection it will help you grow your business and have a more rewarding fulfilling life and a more prosperous business.

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How does being connected to Nature help you grow your business?

Well in this video I explain how you can grow your business more efficiently and effectively by being aware of and understanding the connection to Mother Nature and how this connection will help you have a more rewarding and fulfilling life as well.

One of the reasons I love mother nature is because she is so predictable. If you understand and invest the time to study the rules and laws of nature you can understand simple truths. For example if you live in the Northern Hemisphere there are four seasons and you know spring always follows winter. Spring is a season of new growth and new possibilities and things like plants and trees sprout and grow as long as nothing interferes with the normal natural cycles.
We know that summer follows spring and autumn follows summer. It’s not like sometimes autumn follows winter or spring! There’s a predictability and a cycle to all things in nature.

Survival of the fittest and the temperature at which water thaws or freezes are also predictable laws and rules in nature.

So how does this affect your business and your life?

You are predictable in terms of your actions and behaviors just like Mother Nature is in the above examples. You’re a part of nature! Recognizing and acknowledging that allows you to get in touch with the core of who you are. When you get in touch with the fabric of the most natural and fundamental part of who you are (what we call your most authentic self) then you’ve got access to understanding rules and laws about how you can and should act.

Your authentic self is represented most directly by your core values and knowing them allows you to become predictable relative to your thoughts and behaviors. It can and will predict the things that you commit to and actually follow through on and don’t get lost in procrastination with.

It is literally the key to an effective, prosperous and fulfilling life and business.