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You have always been encouraged to ‘follow your dreams’ but have you actually put that to practice? Have you ever decided to give ‘living authentically’ a shot?

During today’s workshop, we discuss how people are able to monetize their passion and work their way to SUCCESS, both happily and healthily. We are under the impression, as human beings, that if we work harder we’ll be more successful but that’s not the case.

People get burnt out from working their 9 to 5 and they sacrifice their health in the process for the pursuit of making someone else successful. We want YOU to take the reigns of your life and follow your dreams without sacrificing your SUCCESS. Every person has a strength and purpose, and today we want to help you find yours.

Thank you for joining us for this inspiring and eye-opening session, where we delve deep into finding your purpose and giving your life new meaning!


2:48 – Introduction
9:06 – Backstory
13:55 – Living authentically
17:05 – Procrastinate your way to success
21:38 – Working with your authentic abilities
28:15 – Origin of your authentic abilities
34:00 – Making a difference on those around you
37:11 – Why going against your authentic abilities is a bad thing
39:38 – How to set authentic goals
45:00 – Closing