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Just as seasons change, so do you. It’s important that as the events and circumstances in your life change, you make sure that your values and behaviors are in alignment. That way, what you do will always serve your authentic self.

A very good mentor of mine said that seasons come and go. Some are short and some are long. But they always give way to new ones. And with each new season that comes along, we look at the new one with anticipation, while bidding farewell to the old one.

When seasons change, we may look back with fond memories, but there’s always new opportunities right around the corner. The important thing is to remain aware of your values and behaviors so that you can stay true to yourself.

This has been our boating season; however, we sold our boat in August. We had great memories: fishing, jumping off of cliffs, watching sunsets, and barbecuing with friends. It was an incredible time for us. But it no longer serves our family values. Now we want to do something different.

While we can cherish those memories, we also realize that what matters most are our values. There will be lots of fun times ahead of us with new seasons of adventure.

Seasons change. But there’s no need to lament that fact. After all, change brings opportunity. If a season brings your values and behaviors out of alignment, then it’s time to say goodbye. Personally, I’m looking forward to the new seasons we’ll be experiencing going forward.