“What are the 3 most important things you have ever learned?”

My coach challenged me to answer this question many many years ago and I can still tell you exactly where I was sitting when he asked it. His question stopped me in my tracks as I intuitively knew it was an important question and as such wanted to give it proper due diligence.

“Damn, I am going to have to reflect on everything I have ever learned all the way back to my childhood” I thought to myself. I have had so many great teachers in my life including my parents, my brother and sister, my friends, my many school teachers and University professors not to mention my biggest teachers, my wife and five daughters.

How would you answer that question? What metrics would you consider to answer that question? How long would it take you to answer that question?

It took me several weeks to optimally answer the question but I am happy to report I did give it the proper due diligence it deserved and without boring you with the details of the distillation process I went through, I want to share with you one of the most important things I have ever learned and why that lead me to write this article.


This is commonly referred to as the Major Premise in chiropractic and was penned by R.W. Stephenson back in the 1930’s. The wisdom of these words rang true to me the first time I heard them, but the longer I reflect on them and the more life experience I gain, the more meaning they have for me. One of my spiritual teachers short formed this wisdom for me by saying “where is God not.”

In 1895 a very smart dude with whacky hair named Einstein, founded the famous theory of relativity that stated that E=mc2. In simple terms he stated that energy (E) and mass or matter (m) are interchangeable the closer you get to the speed of light (c) squared. As hard as it is for my tangible brain to comprehend, all of this physical matter is just energy moving really slowly …….. And that includes MONEY!


Money is just energy and represents the human life value that one human being, or a group of human beings, exchanges with other human beings through providing them with a product or service. It is a representation of the energy and love or spirit that the person put into the design, creation, manifestation or delivery of the product or service. If the other person or persons did not value it, they would not have parted with some of their own human life value …… in the form of money ……. to invest in it.

Since money is really just human life value or energy transformed into a physically tangible form, it becomes easier to understand, value and love. Here are the top 6 key points to reflect on as to why you should love money.  


  1. To not love money would be to not love the spiritual energy that is at the core or nexus of generating it.
  2. To not love money would be to not love the person that was courageous enough to share their heart and soul to create the product or service in the first place.
  3. To not love money would be to not love the creative human mind that invented and perfected the product or service for the open market.
  4. To not love money is to not love the chain of human actions that brought the product or service to the market. This involves everything from creation, to research and development, to engineering, to production, to distribution, to selling… to name a few.
  5. To not love money is to not love energy and since humankind is just a holographic blur of energy (according to Einstein) if you do not love energy you do not love mankind.
  6. To not love your fellow man and what they represent to the world is commonly referred to as a “sin” …… or missing the mark which is what the word sin translates to …….. In most organized religions. Sinning is the most common reason these same organized religions state that you won’t get to the promised land or heaven.


Therefore loving money ……. by completely understanding what it really is and what it really represents ……. is a sure fire way to get a one way ticket to heaven ……. Whatever that means to you.

BTW – Before I get more hate mail then I can handle, I am betting there are some of you reading this that are quoting cliches like “money is the root of all evil” etc. But let me challenge that cliche and some of the social conditioning around money being evil.

I bet some of you can think of at least one person you know that has a lot of money and is not a very nice person. I bet you can also think of at least one person that has a lot of money and is a nice person.

I am also CERTAIN that you know at least one person that does not have a lot of money and is not a very nice person. Contrarily I bet you also know of someone without a lot of money that is an amazing person, probably 2.

If money was the key then the sheer presence of it would make ALL PEOPLE not nice or nice. Therefore I contend it has nothing to do with the money ……  Money is just an amplifier.

If they are a nice person without money they will just be a nicer person with money. If they are an asshole without money they will just be a bigger asshole with money.

Our experience in this life is just a varied degree of perceptions and your perception of money is a choice. You can choose to think that it is evil or not, but if you are reading this post, I contend you are a firm believer that it is just an energetic transference to the value you create.

So go out there and create as much value as you can and watch the money flow to the same degree.
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