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We’re often that looking at the past for answers isn’t helpful, but I want to counter that. Looking at your past can be a fantastic tool for finding out what you want for the future. It can help you align your core values.

To do this, I’ve got 13 questions and each question has three answers, so you end up with a total of 39 answers and from there, you can look at what are your core values.

Some of the questions I cover in the video include:

What do you fill your space with? If I look around where I am right now, I can see computer equipment. Right now, I use it to make money and for me that’s important because I value financial security for my family. Back in college, it was important because it allowed me to stay connected with friends and family and when I was much younger it was important because I played video games on it. It was my downtime.

So, things change and by looking at the past, you can see where you’re going in the future, you can get a better sense of direction, and essentially, find your future.

Some other questions include how do you spend your time? Or where do you spend your energy?

The goal is to look at all these questions objectively. It’s not about the things you wish you were doing, it’s about what you’re actually doing. You need to be honest with yourself about this.

Have a look at the video to get a full idea of how looking back can help you find your future.

There are answers in the past, we just need to ask the right questions.