Last night, my kids actually taught me a lesson on being in a position that allows you to put the past behind you. It made me really happy because it showed that they listen to me, and their questions genuinely gave me a moment to pause and allow for some introspection.

Last week I was super happy because, after years of using my old car, which had more than 400, 0000 kilometers on it, I bought a new Honda Pilot with just 500 kilometers.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the new car this last week, but then last night, this deer jumps out of nowhere and clips the side of the car. Luckily, the deer was okay, but the new car is now damaged.

So there I am, moping around the house, feeling silly and wasteful for already damaging this new car, and after I explain what happened to my daughter, she goes “Why did you attract this into your life, Mom?”, which is absolutely the kind of thing I would ask her. A little while later, my son says “Tell me 10 things you’re grateful for”. Sometimes, when you’re in a really bad mood, these questions can be frustrating. However, when these questions are asked and you have to think about the answer, you are able to change your state of mind.

Once you’re able to change your state of mind, you can see that everything happens for a reason and that reason serves us.

Staying with that past memory doesn’t serve us. It’s gone, there’s nothing we can do about it so we need to let it go. You need to put the past behind you because if you keep thinking about that moment and what you could have done differently, you also pull up all the feelings from that moment, and that’s just not productive or healthy.

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