Need to know how to beat burnout at work but wondering how to keep your business growing while you take some time off?

Even if you’re not approaching burnout, you need time to do some self care. Business owners can see this need as a sign of weakness, selfishness, or laziness, but it’s not. If you don’t keep your own energy levels up, how can you care for your family – or your patients?

How can you be a creative and innovative leader if you’re stressed out and stretched to the breaking point? When you’re burnt out you’re no good to anyone. The good news is that you can figure out how to beat burnout at work while still getting the same amount done.

If time was a coin in your life and was the only coin and YOU were the only one to make the choice on how to spend it? I believe we are giving too much time to our patients and this is putting us into burnout and making us less effective.

You can make the same income and see just as many patients (or even more), while spending less time and doing less work. You don’t have to work yourself to the bone to learn how to keep your business growing. There is a good chance you are giving others too much control over your time.

Here are the steps to reducing burnout in practice:

1. Stop making yourself so available for your’re maxing out your BANDwidth.

You may be self sabotaging by working harder. It sounds counter intuitive but picture a rubber band stretched all the way out. It either snaps or recoils and that’s what is happening with our time in practice.

There could be a shift subconsciously in your brain that says I can be BUSIER with LESS time in office.


2. Create More Bandwidth.

Universal law states that a task will take as long as you give it.

Reduce your hours, take a longer lunch, take more vacations.

I had patients who retired and told me “I don’t know how I had the time to work..” we know their routine takes much longer because they have the time to use it.

When we don’t create vacuums of time for ourselves, they will get filled in the business.


This leads into steps 3: RECHARGE.

You need to fill your well before you can give.
Go to the spa, take time with the kids, have date nights with your spouse.

Again it may sound counter intuitive but not only will you feel 100X better, you are telling the universe that your time is valuable, you are raising your deservability and you are going to be more present and focused with your patients.


Coach Dodie’s WIN: I decided to take more time with my family and knew i was sacrificing my values by spending time at a second office (which I did so I could make more money to support the family).

When I decided to step back from the second office and focus on my values (more time with kids and my husband), it was only a few months before I was seeing the same number of patients in just the one practice and now working much less. It takes courage and vision and focus but I also had a good coach 😉


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