Running a practice is stressful.

It can take a toll on your family, yourself, steamroll your lifestyle and your old healthy habits, all for the (hopeful) success of your practice.

Managing this stress is going to allow you to enjoy your practice again, make you a better doc for your patients, a better leader for your staff, and a better person to be home with for your family.

So here are the 3 steps Coach Jay recommends for balancing the stress.

…keep in mind Jay runs a successful practice with his wife in Colorado, while working one-on-one to change docs lives here at Full Circle, while founding and managing his Authentic Barnwood business, while parenting three young children, being a great husband, AND managing to hit the gym every day and go skiing on Fridays. Safe to say he’s very qualified to teach us how to manage stress and balance your time.


1. Know Yourself, Choose Yourself

In order to choose yourself and choose to be the level of success that is sustainable (and feels damn good inside) is to know your Core Values. This is step one with our clients because you can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you want, and you can’t know what you want if you don’t know who you are.

So if you’re stressed and burned out, chances are you’re not able to link your top core value(s) to your work.

Take note of all the stuff you do in your daily operations, and decide whether to Dump, Delegate, or Do it.

IF you’re DOING it, you must be able to link it back to your top core value(s).

You can see how this process is hard if you don’t know your values AND the order they’re prioritized in at this stage of your life.


2) Work Your Time Or Else Time Works You

Choose how you want to spend your time because things always take as long as we give them. Take an extra day off for yourself to be with your spouse, your kids, go skiing, or whatever you can do to feel good and recharge… or else you’re no good to anyone. This helps you say no to more things and prioritize what you’re good at so you can go narrow and deep on the things you love, become more switched on, and attract more of what you want (ie. more quality patients).

Most docs think they need to work 40+ hours, so they spread that across the week, show up for them, fill their time, and hope that in the process of doing everything they “should be” doing, that the practice grows.

… you know that is rarely the case, and then once you’re home and continue to do the things you “should be” doing to maintain the other areas of your life, there’s ZERO time left for you to be a human BEing since you robotically continue to stay in human DOing.

Like stated earlier, Jay runs three businesses and is a busy parent, but that doesn’t stop him from taking Friday’s to recharge so he can be the best version of himself.


3) Learn to Measure What’s Important

You cannot grow what you cannot measure.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

This is why we like to focus on the 20% of effort that produces the 80% of results.

There are going to be 20% of your patients that generate 80% of referrals, 80% of your revenue.

There are also going to be 20% of your patients that generate 80% of your stress and time (so fire those ones as quickly as possible).

Focus on the units you want to grow like your collections and your patient volume.

Focus on the units you want to minimize like your overhead and the time spent doing things you don’t love.

By looking at your overhead, your collections, and your patient numbers, you can see how far away you are from your goals.

This gives you a chance to course correct and set intentional goals, rather than to shy away from the reality of your situation and hopes it gets better.


– – –

Here at Full Circle, we believe your success needs no help… just no interference. 

You have the knowledge and skills to be a great chiropractor. 

You have the vehicle to produce an amazing income (your practice).

You don’t need anything else to be successful.

You just need to remove your interferences to growth and patch the holes that are causing you to lose just as many patients as you gain, keeping you stuck on this hamster wheel of being overworked and underpaid.

I’d love to give you the answers you need to remove your interferences, but it’s different and unique to everyone…

Everyone has a unique practice style, unique lifestyle, unique goals, and unique baggage that is holding them back.

What we can do for you is to get on a discovery call to take a look at your symptoms and give you a report of findings, which we call our Practice From Within Blueprint to grow your practice while working less exhausting hours.

Just click the link below to remove your interferences to growth…

Yes, I want to grow my practice.