Every entrepreneur I know has a different system when it comes to asking for reviews from clients. In this video, I share one simple method that I use to get Google reviews. By following this system, I always know whether or not I’ve asked for a review from a particular patient, have already gotten one and, most importantly, when to stop asking.

In this system I use, it’s three strikes, then you’re out. I only ask three times. That’s it. After the third ask, I leave it up to the client.

In all of the patient files, I have a little piece of paper which I call the Google Review Request. This is just a form that has the patient’s name, the date of my last ask, and what kind of reminder I’ve given them. This makes asking for reviews much easier.

Here’s how it works. I usually make the first ask when there’s momentum in the treatments, often during the third, fourth, or fifth sessions. This makes it more likely to get Google reviews because the patient is excited about their progress.

The first time I bring it up, I simply ask them verbally and give them a paper flyer, along with a notification on their phone.

The second time, if they forgot, I offer them the choice between another flyer or an email.

The third time, I let them know that this will be the last ask. Then I gently remind them how important it is for a small business to get Google reviews.

After that, I’m done asking for reviews from that patient.

You absolutely MUST have an organized system for getting reviews. This will improve your level of certainty and confidence as an entrepreneur and, overall, as a human being.

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