When you go over your chiropractic report of findings with your new patient, it’s a chance for you to explain to them what treatment is going to happen in your chiropractic office, and how much it’s going to cost. This is a crucial patient conversation because it helps them see the path ahead.

Effective communication is key. And in order to get your new patient to really understand and look forward to their treatment, you need to mention specific things. In fact, there are 6 IMPORTANT ITEMS that you should cover.

The chiropractic report of findings should always start with this question: “What is your expectation of me as your doctor?”

You’ll then tell them that there are 3 types of people who come into your chiropractic office. There are people who just want a quick solution and aren’t thinking to stay long-term. There are other people who are interested in fixing the problem at its core. And there’s the third group of patients who want to fix their problem at its core and also maintain the work that’s been done.

Briefly explain these 3 kinds of patients and then help your patient determine what their health goals look like. Once you do, you’re ready to go on with the patient conversation.

Watch the entire video for the other 5 things you definitely want to include in your chiropractic report of findings!

Timestamps: 00:25 – What is your expectation of me as your doctor? 02:15 – Affirm their problem and that your chiropractic office can help. 03:06 – Tell them what’s wrong. 03:44 – Remind them that they have options. 04:18 – Cover time with them. 05:46 – The final part of your patient conversation: Money